Deserve What You Deserved

Technology creates the ease for each individual to acquire information. Through technology, we work to give information maximally to the society. Keep what is yours, because you deserve it.

Credibility Is Our Work Ethic

The major concerns are usually the credibility of the available information. Our focus is to ensure all the informations we share are correct and able to inspire you as well as satisfying your wants.

Millenial Is Technology

Inspired by the rapid movement of technology, we simply cannot miss the big opportunity in ensuring it's viablity. We are always learning & developing the knowledge as it enables us to accomplish our core mission, which is to serve people by facilitating a simple, easy & happy lifestyle.

Focus on Values

Through creativity, we have the ability to solve the existing problems. We belive that the right interaction would generate incomparable new experiences and life values.

From Now On You'll Get The Worth of It

Media is the medium to receive available information. By using Jungle Monkeys, not only that everyone receives it, but you also enjoy the meaning and cherish the message.

100% Connected

Technology advancements has brough the ability of connecting individuals to unlimited life values to the next level. With Only "Snap and Scan", each individual would have the ease of being connected to various offers.

Interaction Experience Engagement

It's not about what, it's all about HOW. In fact, people don't actually buy the product, the buy EMOTIONS.

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Never Rest in the Glory

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Leaders not Followers

If you're positive-minded, collaborative, agile and creative, we might have a job for you.
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